An Old School Is Converted Into New Apartments

An Old school building, named Ons Dorp, was recently converted into apartments and Standard Studio designed this particular one to house a family of four.
With its unusually high ceilings, they were able to create lofts for additional space and privacy.
The large, open space allowed for the combination of the kitchen, living room, dining room, children's play area, and a work space all in one.

Ons Dorpと呼ばれる古い学校が,4人家族のアパートとスタジオに変貌を遂げた。

The concrete floors and steel staircases were kept from its school days, and added to that, plywood was brought in as an additional material to warm the space up.
Storage was incorporated wherever possible, like under the stairs, to house things like toys.
They also added an elongated wooden bench for extra play area.


The bedrooms now live where the teacher's lounge once was, while the living room used to be the classroom.


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